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In the new digital age our lifes memories have been stored to memory cards and hard disks. They are incredibly safe mediums to store our precious memoeries on. Unfortunatly, most people do not take the time to backup these files to get them off of their computer where they can be corrupted by viruses or corrupted by software. 


Using NAS (Network Attached Storage) boxes we can help you continually backup so that you will never lose a file or photo again.


The NAS box is attached to your home network and allows your computer or laptop to automaticy backup it files every day, once a week or once a month with no input from you. It is a totally automated process that you don't need to worry about.


HTI uses NASs from Synology and QNap two of the most trusted names in the industry. Along with auto backups of your computers these devices also allow you to make your own "cloud" so that you can access any of your files anywhere in the world from any computer or smartphone.

Bring it back and Keep it safe

Hopefully, You let Us here at HTI get your photos and files backed up before a virus does. However, if your comuter does fall ill to a vius give us a cal and we can have you back up in running in less than 48 hours. After removing the virus We install our favorite virus softwae Vipre Intenet Security. With Vipre you'll be constanly prtected from virus, spyware attacks and spam, including those on your avorite social networking sites.


After your computer has been cleaned and protected we rn all the updates need on your computer. We backup your files and computer to a DVD to keep you safe. However we strongly recommend tepping up to one of NAS boxes to keep you automaticlly backed up.

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