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Video is only half of the experience. Enhance your sound by upgrading the sound using a soundbar with wireless subwoffer from Boston Acoustics. 


The base of any great video system, is a great TV. AT HTI that means starting out with a Samsung plasma or LED TV to fit your needs as well as your room.

Technology doesn't need to be complex to be powerful. Sometimes you just want to watch TV.


With all this cool new stuff, we make sure it is super easy for your to use. By programing a new remote from URC you press one button and it does all the work. Best of all you can never screw anything up! Simply turn the system off and back on! It's like we right in your living room!


At HTI our favorite device is the small and compact AppleTV at only $99.99 it packs quite a punch. Rent movies right from your couch from iTunes or catch up on your favorite series on Netflix, also stream all those photos that are stuck on your iPhone right to the TV to show off. 

Keep It Simple

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