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Hide It.
Give Your Yard a Lift.

Technology is Fun. We never lose sight of that, it’s why we’re here in the first place!                           

 Give us your craziest ideas.                              

This customer wanted to enjoy all sport games no matter the season right from his hot tub, but didn't  want to sacarifce the view of his gorgeous backyard.


Using Mirage Vision line of Outdoor TVs and Outdoor lift we were able to hide his brand new 46" weather-proof TV inside of a stone wall that he had build around an outdoor fireplace. When he's done he simply turns off the system and the TV lowers back into the wall.

Men love big TVs in the living room unfortunately their wives do not. With motorized artwork and custom framing we can make your TV disappear and be replaced by your favorite piece of art or even a family portiat.


We even carry lift systems that hide your TV under your bed when not in use and swings up to the foot of the bed for viewing!

Unlease your inner Clark Griswold. Using waterproof multi-colored lights. We can install outside hidden "Holiday" lights that will allow you to illuminate your house no matter the season. Scrolling Green and Red for the Holidays, Flashing Orange and White for Halloween, or even Red, White, and Blue for your big 4th of July Bash!

Get The Spirit.

Make it Fun.

Backyard Theater
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