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We've taken the time, the classes and sat through all the seminars and webinars, to find you the best products for your system.  You know what you want to do, we know how to do it.  Below are the manufacturers that have made our cut.




COntrol & Communications


Samsung Televisions


Samsung Flat Panels are now the best in the market, across all technologies (Plasma, LED)


With sizes ranging from 19" to 85". HTI has the right Samsung for you.

Sharp Aquous


Sharp, Now holds the crown for the largest consumer flat panel at 90"!  But still delivers a phenominal picture of color and clarity.

JVC Projection


JVC is at the top of the list when it comes to quality Home Theater Projectors. The JVC DLA line comes packed with all the lastest tech including 3D and 4k Ultra Hi-Def

Da-LIte Screens


Da-Lite is THE name in Home Theater Screens, with sizes up to 172" there won't be a need to go back to the theater ever again. No wall space for a screen that big? No Problem, Da-lite also manufactures motorized drop down screens.

Fusion Research Movie Servers


Fusion Research makes sure that you never have to fumble around with discs to find your favorite movie ever again. Simply insert the disc and the movie server will load all the information and begin to store the data on the built in hard drive. So you can watch without discs in any room of your home.



Sonos is the best streaming media player on the market today. Sonos allows you to stream your favorite music anywhwere in your home either through installed speakers or portable speaker units.

Integra Receivers and Amps


Integra makes one of the finest AV reciever in the market place. All models are certified by THX so you know the AVRs mean business. With plenty of power for you to FEEL your music!

Current Audio Speakers


Current Audio is HTI's go to choice for sonic perfection for In-Wall , In-Ceiling and Outdoor Speakers. They are some of the finest we've ever heard.

Boston Acoustics


Boston Acoustics makes some of the best sounding TV speaker bars. WIth the included wireless sub you can enjoy great sound in any room.

Martin Logan


If you have never heard a pair of Martin Logan Ribbon Speakers you are really missing out, by using thin metallic ribbons instead of the traditional tweeter the mids and highs are reproduced the way they were intended to be heard.



Audiophile sound your thing? Kef makes floor standing speakers and bookshelf speakers that will blow you away.


Control4 is the finest control sysem on the market today. With the ability to control your Audio, Video, Lighting, WIndow Coverings, Temperature control and so much more. The possibilities are endless.



Universal Remote Control is the the granddaddy of all remote systems. For control of a single room there is no better option than URC. Press one button and the remote takes care of the rest. Clear that coffee table off and replace it with one URC remote.



Luxul has designed the missing link for home networks. Now, consumer grade networking gear can't keep up with all the devices and commercial gear is too costly. Luxul makes switches and routers that are geared for your home.



Ubiquiti manufactures the stongest WiFi antennas in the market, and with there UniFi line your signal can cover your entire house with no dead zones or annoying hand offs

Wirepath Surviellence


Wirepath Surveillence has developed an amazing line of cameras and DVRS, so that you can see what you want, when you want, wherever you are.

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