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Now in our world everything can connect to each other sharing information, files, photos and video. From our cell phones to computers or televisions and even our refridgerators everything talks to one another sharing vital information.  All of this data flying across your networks can bring them to a grinding halt, most consumer grade Wi-Fi products can only send or receive data for one product at a time whic just won't do when everyone in your family is online, just one person video streaming while other people to try to browse the web is enought to bring your network to a stand still.  


By upgrading your netowrk equipment (Routers, Switches and Wi-Fi Access points) your network can be right back to the speed that you are paying for.


Installing new W-Fi Access Points all you to increase the range of your Wi-Fi signal throughout your house and even to your backyards. By enabling top of the line encryption we can ensure that you are the only ones with access to your data.

The Internet of Things

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