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Your Home is your domain. Time to take control. Using Control4 we put you in the driver’s seat. Turn the lights on from anywhere in the world, unlock the door for the kids or the contractor and watch them right from your phone or computer. Turn the lights on in important rooms once you get home or have your blinds close and thermostat lower when you leave. 

Multi-Room Audo and Video COntrol


Tired of all the remotes, wires and cables boxes at every TV?

Imagine taking all that equipment and hiding it in a closet, cabinet or basement. All you are left with is a single, simple to use remote. By relocating all of these devices into a central location you can cut down on the clutter, and share devices across al your rooms.


Everyone loves their music with a proper multi-room audio system you will can enjoy your music in any room in the house, indepently from any room. Enjoy your music in the kitchen while making diner and the kids can listen to their favorites in the bedrooms.

Lighting Scenes


Imagine coming home to an already lit house, lights in all the right rooms on when you need them off when you don't. 


For convience we can program a single tap of a button from your Control4 system to  turn off all the the lights that you may have left on down stairs and turn the porch light on. They can even be programmed to turn on and of while you are away on vaction


Set the mood for dinner or your night alone. All with the simple push of a single light switch multiple lights will automaticlly turn on to preset levels.


By dimming the light to 80% you will save 10% on your energy bills, but notice no difference in th amount of light.



Most thermostats now have some built in programming that allow you to eneter set times for it to raise and lower the tempeture. but these units continue on their programming wheter you are home or not now imagine a therostat that doesn't turn down Wedensday at 9 because your kids are home sick, by linking your thermostat to your control4 system your heating and air conditioning will run when you are home and lower the tempeture when you are not. Coming home early? Grab your phone and let the system get your home nice and toasty.


Gas fireplace? Allow the system to turn on the fire with a simple push or set it to come on with certain lighting scenes.


For the ultimate in comfort and energy savings pair your Control4 system with a set of Lutron mechanical shades and when you leave during the day the shades will lower to keep the temperature low in the summer.



Take Command.



Your home and the family inside are the most valuable things in your life, Grab your phone and check up and see what going on with remote home viewing. Tell us what you would like to see indoors and out, and next time you’re away from home either down the street or across the globe you’ll feel better knowing everything is safe.


Add PTZ cameras that allow you to move your viewing area and even zoom.


Add your security system into your Control4 system and allow actions to be taken upon door opening and closing wheter the system is armed or not, even use your security systems motion sensors to trigger actions like turn on the light when you walk into a dark kitchen.


Add motorized doorlocks; lock and unlock your home from anywhere in the world or right from your bed. Disarm the alarm and unlock the door by simply pressing a button on your garage door opener or by tapping in your code on the door.

Full Home Automation


Home Automation means many different things to many different people.  What it means to us is living in a home with technology that makes things simple. In your 'smart home' your will be able to press a single button either on a display, your iPad or your phone to  control your home. Forget to lock your doors, turn off the lights or arm the security system?  With HTI  you will be able to automatically time when you want these to happen or change/turn off from your phone.  Imagine walking downstairs in the morning to disarm your security system, change the temperature on the thermostat, open the blinds, turn on some lights and set the TV in the kitchen to your favorite morning news channel with just one push of a button!


 There are many aspects of Home Automation, but some may be more important to you than others. Below are just some of the parts of a great Home Automation System. Give us a call and we will help you figure out what is right for you.

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